Professional Head Shots Cairns

Create the very best first impressions with a professional head shot

Have you used a selfie from a great night out or a cropped group photo because you liked how you looked and hoped that no-one noticed your friends arm around your shoulder?

I see it all the time on social platforms, blog posts and websites.

Stop! Stop it now!


A great headshot is the key to standing out as a professional on LinkedIn, on your Facebook business page, on your resume or on that proposal you’ve invested so much time preparing.

In all reality, it is more that just a photo. It is your only opportunity to create a warm first impression and connection with a potential client, employer or business partner.

Your headshot needs to tell others that you are professional and approachable before they meet you in person.

Does your current headhsot achieve this?

You and your headshot is the cornerstone of your brand and you must use this to your advantage in a busy online community.


I specialise in headshots and personal branding and can create a portfolio of amazing headshots that will ensure you stand out on your preferred social media platform or your company website.

Click the link to my gallery below and take a look at some of the results I have achieved with Cairns business owners and professionals.

Cairns Head Shot Gallery 

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