Editorial and Commercial Photographer

Editorial and Commercial Photography with 

Professional Photographer Catherine Coombs

As an Editorial Photographer, I work closely with publications, Journalists and the individual or business being covered in an article or feature to ensure the images I produce match the content of the article being published. My experience and creativity allows me to shoot images that highlight an individual in a setting that integrates aspects of the article being prepared. You may have already seen my work with my images being featured in a number of publications locally including City Life, Cairns Life, Pac Mag and the Cairns Post.
Pip Woodward – The Capta Group Charmaine Saunders – Mainie Dianne Sciacca – Pacific Coast Eco Bananas Nicki Belle – Face Today Mediclinics Gina Miles – Cairns Tropical Weddings Kim Weaver – Studio Pilates Bertie’s Total Interiors Julie George – Host My Home Eva Grabner – Elite Executive  Melinda Bailey – Northern Frontiers Dr Pheobe Hong Kate Gunn – Balance! Family Practice Jade Cook – Koko Brows and Lashes Char Clinton – Erotica Erica Wright – Beeautiloco Margot Richardson – Business Mapping Solutions Tina Wort – Dundee’s Restaurant  Margaret Kennedy – Trinity Anglican School  Hannah Lane – Berry Lane Hair April/May issue Coral Sea ENT – April 2018
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