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Catherine Coombs 

Photographer, Businesswoman, Mother.

Catherine Coombs is living her own personal dream: using her skills and experience as a photographer to help others. She is not just about reflecting an image through a lens however. For Catherine, it is all about using photography to allow others to see the beauty in themselves or the very best in what they do – an experience that often results in tears of joy.

Photography was probably always where this 40-year-old was fated to end up. Handed a Kodak 110mm film camera as a small child to take a photo of her mum – and never handing it back! – Catherine pursued this passion through high school. Life took a few twists and turns before she was finally able to commit to photography as a career, and now as a businesswoman with her own studio, Catherine feels her experiences make her better at her craft.

Much of Catherine’s work derives from word-of-mouth from very happy clients. Over the past three years, she has created a niche market working with a wide range of people and helping them to plan their media exposure. As part of that service, Catherine will assist with social media connections, work with media platforms to manage the use of images, and develop and nurture networks. The “Brand Focus” magazine is another platform increasing the effectiveness of this service – as well as acting as a showcase for the stories and images of the amazing women who Catherine has the honour of working with.

Catherine has created the Brand Focus magazine as a unique “add-on” to the services she offers clients. Each issue launches a new brand for a local entrepreneur, and features images taken during a Captured by Catherine photoshoot. The magazine therefore serves as a launch pad for the Public Relations campaign of the featured entrepreneur, and generates great exposure for them and their business – locally and online.

Catherine has lived in Cairns since 1988; completing her education there and raising two daughters with the man she met when she was only 14. She is a hands-on wife and mother, and for six months got very personal with the grout, paint and glue while helping her husband build their second home. Every morning however, Catherine finds an hour for her own personal “miracle” – a routine developed by Hal Elrod involving silence, affirmation, visualisation, exercise, reading and scribing.

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